Balancing Robots in Python and C

The ev3dev Python source code for the EV3 Balancing robot and the C code for VEX IQ is now available on Github! The code is a simplified version of previously released code, leaving out unnecessary calculations, making it easier to write and tune. The plan is to release EV3-G and RobotC versions of the new...

EV3 Discovery Book now available in Traditional Chinese

I’m excited to let you know that a Traditional Chinese translation of the EV3 Discovery Book is now available! The book is published by GOTOP in Taiwan. Check out the product page for more details here. The EV3 Discovery Book is now available in the following languages: English (No Starch Press, USA) German (dpunkt.verlag, Germany)...

Where to buy the EV3 Discovery Book

This post provides a summary of the best options to purchase a copy of the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Discover Book. Wherever you are, there are so many options! Quick summary: From the publisher: Great price; Free ebook. Best price inside the US. The Book Depository: Great price; Free worldwide shipping. Your favorite web shop:...

When you let robots do PR (they take over the world)

EV3 robots aren’t quite ready yet to assist in the household, but they can make themselves useful in other ways. I asked LAVA R3X to narrate my latest video for the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Discovery Book. I think he did quite well. After I uploaded it, I realized that he’s actually asking people (you, dear...

EV3 Robot Takes Selfie: Caught Red-Handed

LAVA R3X is a pretty busy robot. He got himself featured on the front cover of a book that just got published, and now he’s taking the spotlight to show that robots are keeping up with the times too I caught him red-handed taking a selfie with a rare, framed EV3 box signed by the...

EV3 & Linux

One of the great things about the EV3 is that it is actually a very powerful computer. The graphical programming language developed by LEGO and National Instruments is excellent to get started with programming, but the EV3 can do much more. In fact, The LEGO Group encourages the community to unleash the full potential of...

EV3 Discovery Book now in stock on Amazon

The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Discovery Book is now in stock on Amazon! You can now also check out pictures of some of the robots, including the SNATCH3R, the Formula EV3 race car, and ANTY. Which robot will you build first?

Hot off the press: the first copy!

No Starch Press sent me a few pictures of the first copy from the printer. Everything is looking great, which means that the books should be on their way to your doorstep soon, and online retailers such as Amazon should have it in stock soon within a few weeks. Be sure to leave a comment...

Coming Soon: The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Discovery Book

After many months of hard work, I’m excited to announce that The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Discovery Book will soon be released. I’ve been working on this project in silence since 2012 using the very first EV3 prototypes, and I’ve been building, programming, and writing ever since. The fine folks at No Starch Press have been...

EV3 Balancing Robot Program in Progress

Last night I started translating my my NXT-G balancing robot program to the LEGO EV3 software, and here’s some progress. I didn’t bother building a proper robot yet, but it works! This program should also work with Gyroboy – more on that later. I’m using the HiTechnic Gyroscope for now, but I’ll add support for...
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