Discovery Solutions & Hints

The book isn’t called “Discovery Book” without a reason. The book will help you discover the world of MINDSTORMS on your own. The book gives you all the information you need to make several working robots, but the fun doesn’t end there. Right after you learn about a new programming technique, or after you finish experimenting with a robot, you are challenged to try one of the book’s Discoveries.

There are 72 programming discoveries and 15 building discoveries in the book. You can see an easy sample programming discovery to the right. There isn’t always a wrong or right solution, just give it a try: creativity is the key! These challenges will help you further fire your robot building and programming skills, and, more importantly, allow you to have more fun with your MINDSTORMS kit!

Help and solutions

When you’re trying to solve a challenge, it is often helpful to take a look at an example answer. Therefore, the solutions to some of the discoveries have been made available on this website. Book readers will be able to download these solutions using the download link below. Click the according chapter link to find the right solution.