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Solve a Rubik’s Cube with just one EV3 set

David Gilday has published detailed building and programming instructions for a Rubik’s Cube solving robot that you can create with a single LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 set. You can find the instructions for MindCub3r (here). You’ll have to go through quite a few steps to make it work, but it’s probably still a lot easier than...

Raspberry Pi with BrickPi into near space

LIVE update: Follow the balloon [HERE], and see the latest tweets from Dexter Industries below (newest first): #spacepi Picture shortly after takeoff! — Dexter Industries (@dexterind) December 17, 2013 Payload intact! #spacepi — Dexter Industries (@dexterind) December 17, 2013 It is way up in a tree. #spacepi — Dexter Industries (@dexterind) December...


Here’s a video of the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Packaging Line I posted about earlier. The machine collects elements for a small LEGO set called EV3MEG MINI and packs them in plastic bags, along with building instructions. The LEGO set is a scale model of the official EV3MEG bonus model. Quite an impressive machine! The machine...

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 solves Rubik’s Cubes in under two minutes

Update: Instructions are now available here! David Gilday, designer of the NXT Mindcuber bonus model is back with an all new EV3 cube solving robot: Mindcub3r. Here’s what David says about his design, and be sure to check out the video of the robot in action below:

Printerception: NXT Printer prints self portrait

Students from the Franz-Haniel-Gymnasium have extended the printer from the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 Inventor’s Guide to print images – pixel by pixel. In fact, they turned it into an actual printer. The original model is merely a ‘plotter’. You can find more information here [LINK]. Below is a video of the printer in action.

EV3 Dragon

Today I came across this EV3 Dragon at LEGOWORLD Copenhagen, made by Lee Magpili. It’s a really nice model. The original robot is red, but I took the opportunity to play a little with color schemes. Which is your favorite?

Pets and robots…

Youtube user “davinsony” from Colombia has built the Snatcher from the Discovery Book (Chapter 13) and tried to run the program while their dog was around. As it turns out, dogs find robots… confusing (and vice versa)! The robot is totally confused after the dog’s intervention (a second attempt is here): Success! (But under supervision):...

NXT Roller Coaster

Check out this video of a LEGO inverted roller coaster made by Youtube user “KnexLuc2000”. We all built our own roller coasters in our favorite amusement park computer game back in the days, but this is way better. More pictures are here [LINK], and you can even support this project on CUUSOO [LINK]. If Luc’s...

Fan creates NXT version of EV3 Snake

NXTLog user ‘yorick2004’ has created an NXT version of LEGO’s recently released EV3 R3ptar. This is a great way to get started building the new models without waiting 7 months. Well done, Yorick. You can view the project here [LINK].

Robotic Recycling Center

Students from Crabapple Crossing elementary school have used the Snatcher for their “Robotic Recycling Center”. They’ve added a color sensor to be able to track lines, too. It’s always nice to see adaptions from the standard design to add more functionality. Well done kids! If you’ve done something special with the Snatcher, let me know...
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