Website transition completed!

After three weeks of hard work, I’ve essentially completed moving my robot and book archive to this new home. This includes a lot of robots I never posted to my old site. I’ve also added a page about me and a contact page. Also, you can now read this blog in your own language using...


Featuring the Rotacaster Omniwheels for NXT, this is the the Omnistrider, based on the Strider in my book. Contrary to most omniwheeled NXT robots, this one has an unconventional wheel orientation. The result is that it can’t turn by itself, but that’s not really a problem since it can go in any direction.

Staying in touch with Robot Square

You can now easily stay up to date with this blog by clicking the FaceBook button at the top right of the page and ‘liking’ the page. That way you’ll always know when there’s a new post. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the RSS Feed, or just check back here once in a while!

Lorem ipsum: Sit and Wait

Creating and filling up a new website is no mean feat! You may have seen some Lorum Ipsum texts on some of the NXT project pages. That’s intended. I wanted to set up all of those archive pages with illustrations first. The text will come later. Most of the images speak for themselves anyway. Just...

Completed: RCX Archive

I’ve just completed moving most of my RCX creations to this new blog. Most of them being over 5 years old, they’re not really the same style as my present work, but I thought it would be nice to keep this content available to bring back old memories… Check it out here. I’ve kept the...

Balanced NXT-G code

NXT-G won’t be the next step to singularity, but there’s still a lot you can use it for. I’ve recently been working with NXT-G to create a program for my balancing robots. I’ve done this in the past, but this time I wanted to create some clean and easy to use code that doesn’t require...

A new website… The story continues

You know what happens to a lot of websites eventually. They become inactive, leaving new readers frustrated with messages like “Last update 2009”. I think that happened to my old website too. Not updating a website doesn’t always mean the author has stopped with what he worked on, though. For instance, I’ve been building robots...
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Website Maintenance

Robotsquare is currently being updated, which means that it may look a little different (and not very polished) for a while. All the content and pages should still be there, though. It should be back and fully operational soon. Thanks for your patience!