When you let robots do PR (they take over the world)

EV3 robots aren’t quite ready yet to assist in the household, but they can make themselves useful in other ways. I asked LAVA R3X to narrate my latest video for the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Discovery Book. I think he did quite well.

After I uploaded it, I realized that he’s actually asking people (you, dear reader) to duplicate him on your end of the globe. Maybe it’s a secret plan to take over the world…

Leave a comment below if you build LAVA R3X. If we keep track of all the clones, we may be able to contain this situation before it’s too late.

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43 Responses to When you let robots do PR (they take over the world)

  1. Gerald says:

    I built LAVA R3X

  2. Iman says:

    Nice! I like it! Great job!

  3. The Bird says:


  4. Lama-mantis says:

    Talking like LAVA R3X:


  5. Lama-mantis says:

    I have two questions about LAVA R3X. I hope you can answer them.
    Can he really say sentences?
    Can you build him with the rechargeable battery? Because the most walking humanoids can’t be build because the battery makes the intelligent brick thicker.

  6. Cyrus Cuenca says:

    Nice Job ! LAVA ALPHA RX3 looks kind of like a penguin 🙂 lol

  7. adrian says:

    I also constructed and it is very cool

  8. Steve says:

    Hey I just happened to buy your book. It’s really useful! I thought I knew a lot, until I started reading.I have to say you explain very well.Thanks for writing it!

  9. Yuri1982 says:

    I built this nice ROBOT which might be the best I’ve ever seen, then I found that it seems like NXT 2.0 offical ROBOT, was which from you also?

  10. Tom says:

    The book and the robots of it are very nice. I thought that i knew a lot about the eve before but when I bought the book i saw that the set has so many function more. It is really worth it.

    Thanks that i now know that much more!

  11. Gianci says:

    Nice Laurens! Love your creations and your book is also really good!

    I have a question: Can you send me a “newsletter” when you make a new robot? It would be great!

    Greetings from Switzerland,

    • Laurens says:

      Hi Gianci,

      Thanks for your feedback!

      If you want to follow this blog, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to the RSS feed with your favorite readers, using the icon buttons at the top right of the page. Plenty of options 🙂


  12. Paul Sheard says:

    Hi Laurens,

    I just got a Lego EV3 Home edition as a Christmas gift from my girlfriend. I also purchased your great book as a Kindle edition along with the physical copy. So I can read your book wherever I am.

    I’m planning on building LAVA R3X ASAP!!

    I’ll post a video once I’m done!

    Thanks again from the UK


  13. Noah says:

    Dear Laurens,

    I built LAVA R3X!
    Is there any way that i can download the program online???

  14. Merlen says:

    I built LAVA R3X!

  15. Merlen says:

    Laurens, how did you generate Wav sound files?

    • Laurens says:

      Hi Merlen,

      I made them with free program called Espeak (link). Ubuntu Linux and ev3dev have it installed by default, so I was able to make them on the EV3 itself 🙂

      It looks like they also have a Windows version you can install.


  16. Jonathan Grainger says:

    I’ve built LAVA R3X! 🙂

  17. Noah says:

    Can you download the program online?

  18. Noah says:

    Is there any way that i can implement the speaking aspect of LAVA R3X onto other robots?

  19. Amanda says:

    Hey! This robot is amazing! Will this robot work if I use the Ev3 Educational set? We don’t have the IR sensor, so can I use the UV sensor instead?

  20. Paul Sheard says:

    Hi Lauren’s,

    Can I build Lava R3X with the Lego mind storms home edition? Or do I need the education version?.


  21. TonyNguyen says:

    Hey, Laurens, i can not find the instruction on robotsquare. How can i find it ? Hope you answer because i really want to build it !

  22. Tony Nguyen says:

    Thsnk, Laurens.

  23. Tony Nguyen says:

    Hey, Laurens. Does the EV3 discovery book have the T-REX ?

  24. Tony Nguyen says:

    Hi, Laurens.

    I just built LAVA R3X a week ago.

    Now, I upgrade it into a new level!

    That’s THE TRAVELER or you can call him STEV3.

    I’ll send you a pictuer about him,

    Bye for now.


  25. daniel kwak says:

    Hi. I am daniel.I changed LAVA R3X a little bit because I have the 45544 set. What should I change his feet into?

    P.S. It would be nice if you sent me the instructions.


  26. daniel says:

    it does not seem to be walking properly. it steps forwards, then steps back with the other leg. what could be the problem?

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