Introducing: The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Discovery Book

—— Update: The book is out now! Go here for a more recent post. The original announcement is below: —— A lot of you have been asking about my new book and rumors were spreading fast, but now it’s official! I’m working on a new book about EV3! It’s got everything you loved about the...

Marking 4,000,000 video views after 6 years on YouTube

Six years have gone by since I uploaded my first video to YouTube. The oldest video was already a few years old back then, but still worth sharing. When I began sharing my videos, I had no idea that LEGO MINDSTORMS videos (in general) would be so popular as they turn out to be today....

Posting from Mobile

This post is a test to see if I can make a proper blog post from my mobile device. I’m including a picture as well, made with said device. Since you’re reading this, I’ll give you a sneak peak of my current project. I’m working on an updated version of my Segway RobotC driver, which...

Discovery E-Book now available

The LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 Discovery Book is now available on Kindle. It’s also available as a PDF or EPub. You can get the Kindle edition directly from Amazon. Instead you can buy the “Ebook Bundle” from the publisher. The package includes a PDF file (Computer/iPad), a Mobi file (Kindle), and an Epub (Sony reader...

MLCAD / LPUB 4 Patch: Ghost Arrows

For advanced MLCAD/LDVIEW/LPUB4 users, here’s a patch that comes in useful when you make LDRAW CAD instructions for LEGO models with many arrows and sub models. If this doesn’t sound familiar to you, you won’t need this. I’d be surprised if more than 25 people on this earth used it, anyway. Download it here: GhostArrowsV1....

WiFi Experiment Closed

The Wifi Experiment is now closed. Check out the video if you missed it. Thanks for participating!

Command My Robot

The experiment is now over. I blogged about a new WiFi sensor earlier. So what do you do with a Wifi sensor? The cool thing about the internet is that you can involve anyone with a computer that has internet access. So that’s where you come in. You can control my robot. From your the...

Segway Driver Update: Support for Microinfinity Cruizcore

I’ve added support for the Microinfinity Cruizcore Gyroscopic sensor in my RobotC Segway driver. Check out building instructions and updated programming tutorial with new code. Here’s a video showing the new sensor in action. I’ve also made some changes to the balancing robot driver for all sensors: Changed how sensors are set up in sample...

Updated RobotC Segway Drivers

I’ve updated my RobotC Segway drivers to version 0.97. For the full change log, see the driver file itself. The latest driver will always be at this link. In normal language, what has changed? Nothing most of you should worry about. If you replace your old “segway-driver-lv.h” with the new one in this file, you...
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