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Star Wars BB8

This BB8 from Star Wars is a self-balancing robot I developed with Anton Vanhoucke and Ellen Pennings. It’s based on the previous generation of the balancing ball bot, but this one uses omniwheels to drive. In addition to balancing, this allows the robot to turn its head. Balancing happens autonomously using a control loop that...

MINDSTORMS EV3 Ball Balancing Robot

This robot is able to balance itself on a ball, using a mechanical design and software that is very similar to two segway type of robots running at the same time. One of these “segways” uses two motors and a gyroscopic sensor to control the ball in the forward/backward direction, while another set of motors...

Balancing Robots in Python and C

The ev3dev Python source code for the EV3 Balancing robot and the C code for VEX IQ is now available on Github! The code is a simplified version of previously released code, leaving out unnecessary calculations, making it easier to write and tune. The plan is to release EV3-G and RobotC versions of the new...

Zebro Light: Lightweight Mobile Hexapod Robot

As part of our Bachelor of Science design project, we (J. de Bruijckere, R. Smit and L. Valk) have developed a mechanical, electrical and software design for a lightweight, mobile exploration robot that employs the half-circle leg morphology. The morphology is based on TU Delft’s Zebro robot, which in turn is based on the RHex...

FischerTechnik Milling Machine / 3D Printer

This machine was developed for Mechatronics class – second year bachelor Mechanical Engineering at TU Delft. It’s made from FischerTechnik because these were the tools available in class. Note that some LEGO parts (the linear actuator) made it in here. In fact, the idea was inspired by the LEGO Milling Machine by Arthur Sacek. The...

Robot Butler

This robot delivers drinks on command. It was designed for the Design Competition amongst 400 first year students of Mechanical Engineering at Delft University of technology. The goal was to deliver the drinks as quickly as possible, while keeping them balanced, providing an interesting challenge to put the newly learned skills to practice.


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