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FischerTechnik Milling Machine / 3D Printer

This machine was developed for Mechatronics class – second year bachelor Mechanical Engineering at TU Delft. It’s made from FischerTechnik because these were the tools available in class. Note that some LEGO parts (the linear actuator) made it in here. In fact, the idea was inspired by the LEGO Milling Machine by Arthur Sacek. The...

Segway Driver Update: Support for Microinfinity Cruizcore

I’ve added support for the Microinfinity Cruizcore Gyroscopic sensor in my RobotC Segway driver. Check out building instructions and updated programming tutorial with new code. Here’s a video showing the new sensor in action. I’ve also made some changes to the balancing robot driver for all sensors: Changed how sensors are set up in sample...

MinuteBot Base – The Technic Baseplate

If you’ve ever wondered why there isn’t a baseplate for Technic structures, you’re not alone. They’re useful especially for stationary robots, including but not limited to brick sorters or scientific set ups. Two Danes (of course) came up with the idea to design and manufacture such Technic Baseplate. Their project, Minute Bot Base, is currently...

Tutorial: NXT Segway with NXT-G

This tutorial will show you how to use and modify a standard NXT-G program to create a working LEGO NXT Segway balancing robot that you can customize as you like. I am assuming you will use the ‘Anyway’ platform. Once everything is up and running, you’re free to customize this one and create your own Segway....

First Tech Challenge – Dutch Finals

I haven’t been to a lot of FTC competitions, but this one was held in Delft, just about 500m from my apartment. So I went there to take some pictures and shoot some video. I’ve got to admit that the Tetrix system looks quite cool, but it’s pretty expensive. The competition was okay, though it...

Tutorial: Manty

This shy little robot is a 6 legged Mantis that walks around and shows emotions. It’s one of the official LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 Bonus models and it appears on the NXT 2.0 package. This page will show you how to build and program your own Manty.

New NXT Compass Sensor: dCompass

Dexter Industries have released a new Compass sensor for the NXT. Here’s what they say about it: “The Dexter Industries dCompass is a compass sensor for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT. This compact sensor detects magnetic fields for navigation. Using a magnetic sensor, the sensor is able to measure the earth’s magnetic field and returns a magnetic...

Tutorial: Building an NXT Segway

This is the basic Segway platform that you will use in each of the Segway tutorials. The robot is often referred to as ‘Anyway’, because you can build this robot with ‘Any’ version of Mindstorms NXT. Apart from a (any) NXT set, you will need a Gyroscopic Sensor for balance measurement: Either the HiTechnic Gyroscope,...

A new website… The story continues

You know what happens to a lot of websites eventually. They become inactive, leaving new readers frustrated with messages like “Last update 2009”. I think that happened to my old website too. Not updating a website doesn’t always mean the author has stopped with what he worked on, though. For instance, I’ve been building robots...
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