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Segway Driver Update: Support for Microinfinity Cruizcore

Microinfinity Cruizcore Gyroscope

I’ve added support for the Microinfinity Cruizcore Gyroscopic sensor in my RobotC Segway driver. Check out building instructions and updated programming tutorial with new code. Here’s a video showing the new sensor in action.

I’ve also made some changes to the balancing robot driver for all sensors:

  • Changed how sensors are set up in sample programs. This means your custom made programs change slightly too. Check the updated tutorial
  • Further clean up of driver code for easier customizing
  • Added support for gearing down between NXT motors and wheels
  • PID constants are now the same, regardless of which gyro sensor you use
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  1. satish

    can you give me the program of Segway with color sensor in ROBOTC programming language

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