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Printer à la Evil Danny

This is what I like about the Mindstorms community. It’s also why I publish building instructions for my robots. Beginning users will enjoy the printer as an advanced project, but advanced users like Daniele Benedettelli, take the existing design to the next level. Danny wrote a Java program to enable the printer to draw not...

If you can’t fly, you jump

Flying is fun, but if you can’t fly, you jump. The NXT is a bit on the heavy side, though. If you know of a jumping NXT bot, share in the comments! Find more info here, and and the Boston Dynamics webpage.

Flying LEGO #2

Mike Brandl posted a video of his flying LEGO contraption (see more info here). Pretty cool! And for those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the NXT blimp by Kenneth Madsen and Lasse Lauesen. As I write this, I’m in the midst of a Fluid Mechanics course. Perhaps by the end of the course I’ll...

Flying LEGO?

LEGO has lot of cool helicopters on offer, but none of them quite fly. Dexter Industries is trying to change that — by making a LEGO quadcopter. Only two of the four rotors are working now, but it’s a cool first step. Here’s a video.
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