Here’s a video of the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Packaging Line I posted about earlier. The machine collects elements for a small LEGO set called EV3MEG MINI and packs them in plastic bags, along with building instructions. The LEGO set is a scale model of the official EV3MEG bonus model.

Quite an impressive machine!

The machine is designed by Eric Steenstra, Martijn Boogaarts and Gerrit Bronsveld. They designed this huge automated warehouse a few years ago, so who knows what they’ll make next year!

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  1. Lama-mantis says:

    I cant wait to see it tomorrow in real life! I hope i can see you too there!
    I have some questions about the robot, maybe you can give answer tomorrow in LEGO World:
    What does the EV3MEG do in the big robot?
    Can I buy the mini EV3MEG?

    Other questions about LEGO World:
    Can I buy there NXT stuff?, because i want a sound sensor for my robot.
    I saw in some videos a LEGO MINDSTORMS T-shirt. Can I buy one there?
    Do you have built a special robot for on LEGO World?
    I hope you can give answer there. Have fun!

  2. Laurens says:

    Unfortunately, I won’t be there tomorrow. You can get a free bag of elements for the EV3MEG MINI – just stand in line when the machine is running.

    I don’t think they’ll have NXT sensors for sale at the shop, though. And the T-Shirts are only for crew members, sorry 🙂

    • Lama-mantis says:

      Ok 🙁
      Maybe they have in one of the stalls sensors? 2 years ago I was there, and i hope the stalls are there again. Thanks for a fast answer!

  3. Lama-mantis says:

    I now have an EV3MEG MINI!

  4. Lama-mantis says:

    Can you post a message that tells how the robot exactly works? Because i want build an NXT version of it (but smaller). I hope i can see it!

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  7. pavel says:

    please give me instruction

  8. maxime says:

    essayes de les reproduires ce n’est pas très difficile

  9. jkhjkhj says:

    i want aspiiiiiiiider lego 45544ghtrhj

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