Hybrid Brick Sorter

The Hybrid Brick Sorter from the Discovery Book

This brick sorter sorts LEGO bricks by 4 colors and 2 sizes (it’s hybrid for having two functions). This robot is featured in Chapter 14 of the Discovery Book.

Other brick sorters in this series:

Every time I created a new brick sorter, I tried to tackle a new design challenge. This improvement would make the robot more functional, more reliable, or both. Follow the links below, and read the pages in order to learn about my findings in the design process.


Building and Programming this Robot
Instructions for building and programming this robot are included in The LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 Discovery Book. It can be built with just the pieces in the NXT 2.0 kit.

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18 Responses
  1. Oliver Hill

    We downloaded the program for the Hybrid Brick Sorter but once it said “Positive” it just dropped the block and kept going in one direction and didn’t stop.

          1. Oliver Hill

            Yes I tried the view menu and it did work it saw the colors of the blocks but I think it is a problem with finding the bucket or pile. I also noticed in the main program that once it said positive it did not say the color of the block it just dropped it and kept going in the same direction as usual.

          2. If it doesn’t say anything after saying ‘positive’, then there’s something wrong in your program. In any case, it should say the color, or say ‘No object detected’. Did you download the program from this page?

  2. legomindstormsEV3geek

    all my snatcher says is negative no object detected unless you stick
    the block in the other side it says positive and freezes the program
    I downloaded the program of of this website
    I do not know what to do

  3. Samuel Kundt

    dear Laurens,
    i have build the Hybrid Brick Sorter but i don`t know where to download the program on this page.Are there also other pages where i can download the program?

  4. Carol Horner

    I can’t find where on this page to download the program. We have the book and have built the sorter. We are having trouble creating the “My Block” that speaks the color.

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