These are some of the pictures I took at LEGOWORLD in Utrecht, the Netherlands before the entrance was open to visitors.

The setup is different this year, with more opportunities for kids to interact with the new EV3 system. I joined the crew of MCP and AFOLs to help demonstrate EV3 and answer (lots of!) questions from kids & parents. I’ll be back tomorrow on Saturday, so drop by to say hello!

Automatic LEGO packaging machine (A work in progress!)

Close up on a single unit of the factory

EV3RSTORM was there of course!

In fact, his friends were there too!

The 12 official bonus robots

Come build TRACK3R using the 3D building instructions!

And turn TRACK3R into a sumo robot!

Or control GRIPP3R and R3PTAR remotely.

The Forklifts from Team BrickIt

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4 Responses to LEGO MINDSTORMS at LEGOWORLD 2013

  1. MP says:

    Give me videos, or give me death!

  2. Lama-mantis says:

    I’m going to LEGO World!!! About EV3: I have built some replicas of it. Can I see them there? Or can I build them there? Please answer!

  3. Daena Damonse says:

    Hi, I’ve built the EV3 Educational set the Spinner Factory, I’d just like to know if anyone has the programme needed to make it run….
    Please Reply!

  4. tomas says:

    que mal……no estuve ahi

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