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LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Education 45544 Instructions

You can download the instructions for the robots in the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Core Set (LEGO# 45544) using the links below. Happy building!

Looking for the Expansion Set (#45560) instructions? Click here.

Educator Vehicle (with attachments)




Gyro Boy

[DOWNLOAD – 5MB] [Programming Tutorial now available!]



Robot Arm H25


About the programs and project files
The LEGO Group does not allow me to post the original program files for the robots. Links to such files posted in the comments will be deleted.

However, you are of course free to make your own programs and share them. For example, I’ve created my own program for the GyroBoy robot above. If you want to share your program for another robot, feel free to post a link in the comments or email it to me if you’re not sure where to upload it.

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44 Responses

  1. Jim

    Thanks for creating these PDF’s. Saves me some work :wink:

    Are you doing the expansion models as well?

  2. oscar007

    i hope so !

  3. Bert

    Advantage of the edu-set models is that they have space for the battery. Not all home-set models have that. Thanks LEGO, Laurens and Xander of course.

  4. John Fahey

    Thanks Lego for releasing these and Laurens for the PDFs. Is there any news on whether the we’ll be able to download the .ev3 files for these projects?

  5. [...] 感謝Laurens Valk放上了EV3教育版的組裝說明文件 這樣讓沒有買教育版軟體的我, 只要根據這篇搜集好零售版與教育版差異的零件, 再根據這些組裝步驟 也可以組出這些robot ! LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Education 45544 Instructions [...]

  6. tabbycatrobots

    Yes, thank you. Several of the models look like great fun to build.
    And I see some ideas to incorporate into some MOCs.

  7. Kirk

    Thanks! I’ve been bugging Lego Education to release these. These are a Huge Help!

  8. Steve

    I would love to build Gyroboy, but I only have the standard EV3 set. Would the additional gyro sensor do the trick, or is the edu-pack too different?

  9. Glen

    I am also wanting to know if LEGO will make the Education Core and Expansion .ev3 files available to download.
    Regards Glen

  10. Deanna

    I too am interested in the project files for these robots. We have just introduced EV3 with our 8th graders and they are very interested in creating these robots.

  11. Karl

    Hi, it is great that these are on here, my son and I have managed to build the sorter with the EV3 kit and bits of his digger but as useful as the instructions are, doing something with it is only useful if the program is obtainable, which it isn’t.

  12. Savvas

    Does anyone know where to find the programming instructions for the Robots of the education pack? My team is looking for them all over the place and can’t find them. We can only build them with these instructions. Thanks in advance for any help.

  13. Joel Conner

    Are there parts list available for these projects. The robotic arm requires a few parts that did not come in the basic set.

  14. eric

    can you please put up the directions for programming the puppy?

  15. Nancy

    Thank you SO much for posting these!

  16. EV3 builder


  17. Mowikan

    Perhaps you can explain to these people that u need the lego education software to write the code for these projects? or where can we find the program code? please help us out :)

    • Well, that’s not true. The LEGO Education software has the ready-made programs. Sure, that’s easy, but you can also create your own programs for these robots using the Home Edition software, which is free.

      The most complicated robot here is GyroBoy. I’ve created my own program for it, so I should be able to share it here soon. I don’t currently have time to build all of the other robots and create my own programs for them, though.

  18. Yazin essam

    thanks …

  19. Ed

    Thanks fjor making these builds avalilable for my lego students.

  20. Gidi

    Thanks for the PDFs. Indeed, my pupils want to build the four Robot models of the EV3 core set.
    Does anybody know if there is some documentation / explanation about the Programs of these models? (Not the building instructions, but for the LabView programs, which are quite complex).
    THANKS !

  21. Rob

    The EV3 project files for the education models are unfortunately only available with the education version of the Mindstorms EV3 software, and so they are not available unless you buy that software for US$100. Apparently, the reason for this is to do with intellectual property, but I don’t really understand this argument: if someone has gone out and bought either the EV3 retail set (plus the additional parts to turn it into the EV3 education set), or they’ve bought the EV3 education set itself, then surely it should be no skin off Lego’s teeth to provide the EV3 project files for the education robots as they will have already gotten their money’s worth out of that customer when they bought the EV3 set.

    They already provide the building instructions for free, so why not the EV3 project files to go with them? Yes, people can develop the robot programs themselves, of course, but not everyone wants to do that. Sometimes, building a robot and downloading an existing program to it is all people want to do.

    Come on Lego — don’t just tease us with the PDF building instructions… give us the EV3 project files for the education robots… pretty please…?

  22. Catalin Zimbresteanu

    Can anyone direct me to the programs that come with these projects (SORTER, ROBOT ARM) ?
    Anticipated thanks

  23. ldh

    Construction instructions? It is best to get on the software of ev3

  24. Joseph

    thanks a lot!!\(^^)/

  25. Phan Tuan Dung

    Hey did anyone delete my comment yesterday?! When I come to this page I can’t see my comment anywhere! So I post again. But thank you for delete all other comments!

    • Unfortunately, you cannot just share the copyrighted files from LEGO without permission.

      LEGO is okay with sharing the building instruction PDFs above, but not the programs.

      • Phan Tuan Dung

        I don’t know what Lego will answer, I am not asked them yet. But I see there’s a board below the secret website:
        “You can invite other people to get access to this product. Type in the email address of anyone you want to invite. Don’t forget that you can only invite people who have the rights to access and use the product according to the license agreement.”

  26. Phan Tuan Dung

    Lego has said to me: “Sorry, but those are secrets!” Well, I can’t share those…

  27. Phan Tuan Dung

    Well, so that’s mean if you buy Home Edition Set, there are many free example robots you can do but if you buy Education Edition Set, you must open your creations and make the program by YOURSELF or BUY the example programs. So, we stop discussing about programming robots here and try to make your own program for these robots!

  28. MOAZ

    hello Laurens I want a design of a ev3 walking robot using the ev3 core set

  29. […] educatieset (45544) komt met één bouwontwerp, maar er zijn verschillende andere beschikbaar. De software moet gekocht […]

  30. .kjb;kbdf


  31. Paul Sheard

    Hi Laurens,

    I have a quick question for you (or anyone else here viewing my message).

    I have the EV3 Home edition, and I also purchased the EV3 Gyro Sensor separately…

    Will I have the parts now to be able to build your Gyro Boy robot? Or would I still be missing some pieces?.

    I’m a noob everyone so please be gentle :)

    Kind regards from the UK


  32. Naina

    Hi Laurens,
    I have a question for you and i hope to get a reply from you soon. I have been assigned to build a robot using EV3 Kit 31313, and i am supposed to make a robot which uses IR sensor without IR beacon and it is capable of detecting obstacles using that IR sensor.
    I would really appreciate if you would please help me with the design such that the robot is able to move forward or backward and also it is able to move its IR sensor sideways.
    Thank You.

  33. sam

    can you post the code for the colour sort3r as i have built it but can’t program it

  34. Martin Jones

    Thanks so much for sharing all the valuable content.
    My daughter and I have the Home set, bought all the elements to bridge the gap between that on the Core Education set , and now have the education expansion set. She loves EV3. We are struggling to find the project code to go with all the extra robots we cannot build, e.g Elephant or Puppy. Does anyone know how we can get these? We are learning to program ourselves bit by bit, however these may be rather beyond our current level and great to see how that are crafted.

  35. ali

    Its very very good but make a pdf

  36. rad_ha

    I need the solution for Discovery 46 using the proximity mode. Tnx

  37. jonh

    hi nice robot sir kid

  38. jonh

    look me now makk

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