Marking 4,000,000 video views after 6 years on YouTube

Six years have gone by since I uploaded my first video to YouTube. The oldest video was already a few years old back then, but still worth sharing. When I began sharing my videos, I had no idea that LEGO MINDSTORMS videos (in general) would be so popular as they turn out to be today. This post sheds some light on the most popular videos on my channel.

Thanks to everyone who has watched my videos, and especially my 1700+ subscribers!

#1 Most viewed (all time)

My most boring video (no doubt) continues to be my most viewed video, although other videos are catching up now. It’s the RCX chimney climber at 600,000 video views. Warning, the following footage may cause sudden sleep. Just so you know.

#2 Most viewed (all time and per day)

Because it was so popular, I had another go at a climber in 2007, NXT style. At 500,000 hits, it became my second most viewed video. Recent statistics show that it gets a lot more views per day (450 vs. 22) than the RCX one, so it will soon be at the top (Sorry, RCX). Interestingly, I haven’t seen many copies of these robots, even though I’ve never patented vertical LEGO climbers. Perhaps people were too worried about crashing their robots.

#1 Most viewed (per day, November 2012)

The NXT climber is also the second most viewed video at this moment, on a per day basis. First and third in line are the following two. MINDSTORMS in National Geographic’s Megafactories featuring the Snatcher robot is the most popular. I appear (only my back, actually) in it too, somewhere in the background. My first television appearance, ha!

#3 Most viewed (per day, November 2012)

The NXT Printer, or Plotter as smart YouTube viewers kindly point out, is also a hit. (I still think Printer is catchier).

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