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BrickPi: NXT Robots with Raspberry Pi

Dexter Industries has recently launched a Kickstarter for their latest project, the BrickPi. The project aims to bring the Raspberry Pi and LEGO Mindstorms together. It’s basically a shield that slides over the Raspberry Pi and allows you to control and connect LEGO sensors and motors. The project also has a case designed for mounting...

MinuteBot Baseplate available in US and Europe

The MinuteBot Baseplate is now listed for $19.99/ EUR 16.00 / GBP 12.60. This is much less than the initial price. If you didn’t have a few of these already, you may want to consider getting some now. You can see what I used the Baseplates for here. Get MinuteBot Baseplate in the US Get...

New Crane is the Biggest Technic set ever

Beating the Mercedes-Benz Unimog by 500 pieces, the new LEGO TECHNIC 42009 is the largest TECHNIC set to date with 2500 pieces [Source]. This new crane has a set of extra wheels, but it reminds me a lot of 2005’s set 8421. That was my first large Technic set. One day, perhaps, I should sort...

40% Off All No Starch Press LEGO Books

That’s right – $17.97 for the print Discovery Book (and free ebook!). That’s a better offer than Amazon, so get it while you can. They’ve got the new LEGO Technic Builder’s Guide as well! Update: This offer has expired!

A turntable with the Minutebot Base

Remember the MinuteBot Baseplate Kickstarter project? It was funded successfully, so the base plates have been turned into a real product. I’ve received a few plates last week as part of the pledge I made to the project. I’m quite satisfied with the quality of the product. They’re strong and hold LEGO pieces well. Obviously,...

From idea to product: Minute Bot base ready for shipping

Some great ideas don’t make it to production stage. But the MinuteBot Baseplate did, and it looks promising. By popular demand, they chose to change the color from red to light grey. These should soon be available for purchase on their website. A few of these are coming my way, so I hope to review...

New Book: Arduino + LEGO NXT Motors / Sensors

This book (by John Baichtal et all) shows you how to combine the Arduino with LEGO NXT Components. As far as I can tell, this will teach you how to replace your NXT controller by an arduino — not combine them. Still pretty cool! From the description: Make amazing robots and gadgets by combining two...

Control Power Functions over Bluetooth

A new third party LEGO electronics developer has just released the Upcore G1. The device can be used to control Power Functions over Bluetooth. This way you can control your LEGO creations over Bluetooth from your smartphone – without the need of an NXT. Upcore G1 can control up to 3 motors with proportional speed...

MinuteBot Base Funding Successful

The MinuteBot Base Kick Starter funding successfully completed last Monday! Well done, backers! This means that production will start soon. Backers are expected to receive their baseplates this summer. Above you see a picture of what the base looks like right now. They’re still discussing the color it will be. Note that the size has...

Wifi for NXT with Humarobotics WifiBlock

The WifiBlock for Lego Mindstorms NXT by HumaRobotics is now available. The folks over at HumaRobotics have used it on the Anyway, making it possible to remotely control the balancing robot over WiFi. One of those sensors is on its way here. Check back here in a while to see new projects… powered by the...
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