New Products

MinuteBot Base – The Technic Baseplate

If you’ve ever wondered why there isn’t a baseplate for Technic structures, you’re not alone. They’re useful especially for stationary robots, including but not limited to brick sorters or scientific set ups. Two Danes (of course) came up with the idea to design and manufacture such Technic Baseplate. Their project, Minute Bot Base, is currently...

NXT2WIFI Crowd funding project

One of my readers told me about a new WiFi NXT sensor crowd funding project by Daniele Benedettelli. Below you can see a video, but here’s what it does in short: “NXT2WIFI is a miniature web server module featuring a fully integrated 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi interface, giving your LEGO┬« MINDSTORMS┬« creations access to any Wi-Fi...

New Pressure Sensor: PPS58-Nx

From the Mindsensors page: This sensor measures pressures produced by LEGO Pneumatics systems and lot more. The pressure range of this sensor is from 0 to 58 PSI. The sensor measures absolute pressure as well as relative pressure. (You can set reference pressure, and measure change in pressure relative to that reference). This is a...

New NXT Compass Sensor: dCompass

Dexter Industries have released a new Compass sensor for the NXT. Here’s what they say about it: “The Dexter Industries dCompass is a compass sensor for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT. This compact sensor detects magnetic fields for navigation. Using a magnetic sensor, the sensor is able to measure the earth’s magnetic field and returns a magnetic...
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