Preview: The New Robots – LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3

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The Difference Between EV3 Home Edition (#31313) and Education EV3 (#45544)

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The New EV3 Robots

All the tech blogs are at it right now, LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 is out! Only the tech blogs are mixing two different products (Education and Retail). Here’s an overview of the robots that you get with each set. The Retail set will come with 17 robots, so these are only the first 5!

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3: Home Edition / Retail: Set #31313

Gripp3r: Get your soda drinks delivered while they're still cold!

EV3RSTORM rules all the other robots...

R3PTAR: Watch out for this one if the remote control is in the wrong hands... It will find you!

SPIK3R: Fans of NXT 1.0 will recognize this one. Spike's big brother, SPIK3R is back!

TRACK3R: Navigate that room and protect it...


Gyro Boy: This friendly fellow balances on just two wheels!

Puppy: Just when you think that all those MINDSTORMS EV3 robots are evil and aggressive, here's the cutest robot ever.

Sorter: Sort your bricks automatically!

A sneak peak of the software. Looks familiar! Best of all, these perfect students are also part of the package.

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19 Responses to Preview: The New Robots – LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3

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  2. hergi says:

    has the educational set additional sensors? how does the Gyro Boy balance? Has it a gyroscope?

  3. Sara says:

    What are the big differences in the software? It looks the same.

    The graphics on the brick screen seems to be clearer and maybe larger?

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  5. nxtboy III says:

    I make games for the NXT, and with the NXT physics engine I made(with other help), with the new EV3 processor it should go SO MUCH FASTER!!!!!! 😀
    I will also be able to make my new EV3 grayscale (yes, grayscale) games faster! 😀

  6. nxtkid says:

    Can’t wait but how much is it pounds as i need to start saving

  7. The NeXT freak says:

    Serious i love the new mindstorms .270 euro’s. its coooool

  8. nxtkid says:

    Some of the official models are awesome but what are the other ones that are in the 17

  9. dylan says:

    gyro boy stands on two wheels and does not fall because he keeps moving all the time

  10. dylan says:

    i loooooooooooooove ev3rstorm

  11. PC Yeoh says:

    Hi Laurens,

    Do you have details about “sets” of EV3? Just like something you wrote up on NXT articles.

  12. Onureemus says:

    Where can i get instructions of Gyroboy?

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  14. KAP says:

    Is anybody having problems with Lego EV3 robot repeatability? I am mentor for a FLL team
    in Dover, DE. We have written several programs for the FLL challenge using EV3 software
    and they run fine most of the time. A student will run it again and suddenly the robot has
    a brain fart, it goes straight instead of turning or it does not turn at all. I have talked to Lego
    technical support and they said to erase all programs on the brick or reload the firmware.
    This had a temporary effect. Has anybody found a reason and/or a fix for this?


    • gary taylor says:

      I am working with the kids in school doing FLL. We are having the same problems with our robot. thanks for the info, we’ll try removing all programs and reload them.

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