EV3 Hardware: Home Edition #31313

The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Home Edition contains an EV3 brick, three motors (Two Large, one Medium), three sensors (IR, Color, Touch) and a remote control. The home edition is the one you’ll find in toy stores and other retail channels like Amazon. It’s set number is 31313.

You can see the complete family of hardware in the diagram below.

EV3 Home Edition set #31313 Hardware (Click image to enlarge)
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  1. Joe Kelly

    Wow! Only 3 sensors this time. Although the “eyes” count as 3 in and of itself I guess :-P. I love the cool square-ish look of everything 😀

    1. Shea Bunge

      Yeah, it’s strange how the craze used to be with smooth, rounded corners, but now it’s stylish, boxy squares. One other example of this is the new button styles in WordPress 3.5

  2. vincent

    it is possible to synthesize technic motors in such a way so that nxt 2.0 can comprehand it. i wonder if it works with the new 3.0. with four motor ports, full functional, omnidrive vehicles are possible. more advances four wheel dirve will also be possible. quradropods are possible.this is evolution. hopefully motor power is not sacrificed for 4 ports. battery consumption should be quite high.

    1. Nxt7

      The sound sensor did not work that well. It can detect volume of sound but not the ‘sounds’ of sound. If you get what I mean. The ultrasonic sensor was replaced with an IR sensor. It can still detect distance, just with Infared now and not sound.

  3. Nxt7

    So, buying this has pros and cons from the Nxt, yet the Ev3 is compatible with the Nxt. So, Do the motors still have rotation sensors? (Exept the medium, it is too small to fit one.) So disadvantage is that you cannot make bumbers on three sides, but with nxt all of the problems can be fixed. Smaller motor is smaller so It can be used for other things while nxt has 3 motors with motor power. (I never knew about that until I read your book Lauren) Major advantage is that it can track IR signals and follow them right? Well, seems they just made what Dexter industries and other people made for the Nxt…

    1. Both the large EV3 motors and the medium EV3 motors have built-in rotation sensors. You can use any combination of up to four motors on the EV3 brick (E.g. 3xBig + 1xMedium or 4x Medium).

  4. lego maniac

    wait .. four motor ports?
    why would it come with 3?
    and how would you program on the inteligent brick?
    souds confusing

  5. Stephanie

    I have problems with WLAN.
    EV3 forget the Password of my Network very fast, and i like to set the TCPIP Address without DHCP. I hope, this will be better in the next Version.


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