Tutorials: Official MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 Bonus Models

With the help from the Mindstorms Community Partners (MCP), LEGO has released several bonus models for the NXT 2.0 set. However, they are not easily found on the LEGO website. This page is a collection of pictures and links to the bonus projects. Robot Square does not host the instructions or programs. Credits (and questions) go to the original designers.


All you need is one NXT 2.0 set

Asking for help:

If you have any issues with the building or programming instructions, please contact the original designer of this robot! Asking for help here isn’t very effective, because I did not design these robots. Therefore, I do not know the details of the designs or solutions to problems you may run into. I’m just keeping this collection here to make all these designs easy to find. Happy building!

1# M.O.R.P.H


2# Llama


3# Manty


4# Stonehenge


5# Segway with Rider

Segway with Rider

6# NXTitzki


7# Archfish


8# Tripod


9# MindCuber


10# Pinball

Pinball Machine

11# Color Programmable Car

CPC: Color Programmable Car

12# Lotto Bot

Lotto Bot


Here’s a few videos showing some of the bonus models in action, so you can see what the robots do before you build them. Not all videos are made by the original robot designers.
1# M.O.R.P.H

2# Llama

3# Manty

4# Stonehenge

5# Segway with Rider

6# NXTitzki

8# Tripod

9# MindCuber

10# Pinball

12# Lotto Bot

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          1. Michelle

            Hi there, did you find the program for the LottoBot? I have this project in school, but program is missing. Would appreciate your help!

    1. Foton

      I just build the Color programmable car (bonus model 11).
      I love the idea, but building instructions are horrible.
      Almost one fixed view, even when building behind “the wall”.
      Files for CPC include not only program in NXT-G but also a photos of builded model. These are VERY helpfull.
      I have problem with runing program, because if the ball is close to sensor, it reads nonsence or nothing. The inner space in ball cage is 3 studs, ball are 2 studs in diameter. Sensor is about 0.5 stud off the standard grid, so you have space before him 2.5 studs. HWn ball is 0.5 stud from sensor, it reads right data. But when it falls to 0 studs from sensor, anything could happened.

      I tried to fixit (make balls to be “off” the sensor) with orange teeth or thin liftarms, but then balls start to stuck sometimes in the cage.

      Probably, soon I rebuild the robot completely to have cage space 2×2 studs.
      I want to use two of them in Flagball game (see http://mindstorms.lego.com/en-us/News/ReadMore/Default.aspx?id=419725) !

      1. the NeXT freak

        Yes, it really is the hardest building instruction that I know. Sometimes you have to place an item anywhere, but you do not see where this should be

      2. shreyash

        I followed the instructions while downloading an error occurred stating there is not enough memory.There are no files on the brick only the start up and sound files are on it. The brick has 58.0kb of open space.the program mindcuber has 655 bytes.please help if possible.
        thank you

          1. Garrett

            The building instructions arent nard at all. That is probably the easiest thing to build. Do you wanna know why? Its because anybody is capable of buildin a car with a chute on it. Its easy! Just try it even the programm should be easy! Just try that too! Good Luck


  1. Alfredo

    Did someone build “8# Tripod”? I did it, but when I run the program on NXT Block, in its display I see “File Error!”…and it doesn’t work! 🙁

    Can you try it? Thank you! 🙂

  2. Person

    There is no bonus model #5 on the lego site. I have the Discovery Book and my family is very impressed with the snatcher, which I built recently.

    1. Bonus model #5 used to be on the LEGO site, but it disappeared for unknown reasons. That’s one of the reasons I share the complete collection here.

      Glad to hear you all like the book!

      1. AJAY

        My son is trying to build this and has a question: on step 14 (page 21-22-23-24 of the instructions PDF file), a sensor is added. What is that sensor?

        1. the NeXT designer

          I think that might be the other touch sensor because it’s kind of logical that a color sensor could not be between the treads of the robot. Why don,t you give it a try? It might work. 😉

          1. Foton

            I thing that this one is color sensor. Program use 1 color sensor, 1 ultrasound sensor and 2 touch sensors.
            Touch sensors are at instruction 21 (33-36) and 14 (117-120) at ports 1 and 2. Ultrasound is at instruction 1(133-136) and port 4. Color sensor is at port 3 and probably instruction 14 (page 21-24).

            As I search throught the building instructions, they are merely same bad as Color Prog. Car (bonus model 11). There are no cable connection picture!!
            If this coul go to official Lego webpage, what else we can expect.

          2. Foton

            Finally I Build it.
            This robot is used for random draw a ball form cage.
            Driving around specified amount of time, rolling the cage with color balls. Then draw one ball from cage and says it’s color.

            Video is on Youtube (http://youtu.be/UK53cz05nwE).

            Building 4 hours.
            Program does not run, because of missing image file. I change it and hugely commented RBT file (wiring included). You can download it from http://www.mlcochovi.cz/system/8547_bonus_model_12_Lottobot_commented9.rbt .
            Photos from building are at (https://plus.google.com/photos/114639699759279631157/albums/5748784296487784897)

          3. Phan Tuan Dung

            I love Lottobot when I see the video. By the way, why my MacBook Pro say that that page is not exist…

      2. the NeXT designer

        Lottobot looks like one of those globes where the little balls are spun in a game of Bingo on treads. Can you tell us what does it really do?

  3. Markus

    I can download the mindcuber program, but i cannot open it because it is no a nxt format
    please check it and let me know

    1. Foton

      The program is in EXE format for NXT cube. You cannot open it as common RBT files. It is binary (already compiled) file.
      The download instructions are included in ZIP as README.txt file.
      After download, the program can be found in “Files” at NXT cube.

      Shorted Citation from README.txt:

      The software for MindCuber is provided as an executable software file that you can download to the NXT brick using the standard LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 software by following these steps:

      1. Select “Remote Control” from the “Tools” menu to open the “Remote Control” dialog

      2. Select “Connections” open the connection dialog

      3. Scan for your NXT and connect via USB or Bluetooth in the usual way

      4. Select the “Memory” tab in the connection dialog

      5. Select “Download” and use the file dialog to select the MindCuber.rxe file to download to the NXT

      MindCuber is now ready to go!

      1. lookas

        Select “Remote Control” from the “Tools” menu to open the “Remote Control” dialog

        Where can I find this in NXT or MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0

  4. rick

    hey laurens. i have a question on the pinball machine. i try downloading the program with a windows 7 laptop. but my cpu wont let me open the folder i get from the website. can you please help me?

    1. Rick,

      The link on this page is a .zip file. When you open it, you will find a file inside: “PinballNXT3e.rbtx”

      Don’t open this file again in your archiving tool. Just drag this file to your desktop. Open it from your desktop.

      rbtx files sometimes act funny if you directly open them through a web link or through an unzip tool. So this is the way to go.


  5. Lego Lover

    The program for the tripod isn’t working! Should I go to Danielle Bendettelli’s website and download it there instead?

        1. Foton

          I just build the Tripod on instructions downloaded from Benedettelli (http://robotics.benedettelli.com/tripod.htm).
          With default option ofoptimalization (set to 2) program was compiled and downloaded to NXT cube. But it run for 1sec and ended.
          When I set optimalization to 0, BrixCC cannot download it to cube.
          But wiht optimalization set to 1, all go smoothly and tripod is walking (and turnning …).

          I like the mechanism of turning on place 🙂

          1. Eyl

            Can somebody explain me, how I change the optimalization?
            I searched for a few hours now, I just can’t find it.
            Am I supposed to add a line in the source, or should I compile on a windows dos prompt?
            And if the second is true, how can I get the program on the NXT?

            I know I am just a few years to late, but I hope there is someone who can help me.

    1. Foton

      I show mindcuber on exhibition and there are two thing, where it can can failed to solve the cube:
      1) Cannot scan the sides => “scan error”
      2) After succesfull scanning one step in solving is not completed corretly and you have to start again.

      The final score is somethin about:
      60 starts
      25 succesfull scans
      8 finaly solved cubes
      So be patient 🙂 When it finally get solved it is awesome.

      ad 1)
      – I have two Rubik’s cube, sometimes switching them helped.
      – Be sure you have common colored cube, because there is only calibration for white (detecting ambient light), not for all colors.
      – Clean cube with cloth

      ad 2)
      – there is nothing You can do. Just try it again. Funny part is that if step failed at certain remaining steps and You rerun program, number of steps remainnig steps gets bigger (eg. 13 -> 35)

  6. person

    i build mindcuber and i download program. I put rubik’s cube and i start the program. Mind cuber scans and solves the rubik’s cube but, when it turns the face, it doesn’t turn rubik completely. Do you have a comment of that?

    I’m french. Sorry for my english.

  7. ananymous

    I’ve built the Mindcuber, which took three hours, found my old rubiks cube, which took all of three days, but now the program gets stuck on the command, which is one the scree, “Calibrate White” (enter) “Remove cube…”

    1. Foton

      You probably start calibrating proces (i think this is done by holding button when program starts).
      To came across the calibration, you need to have Cube with white side solved (all 9 squares) and put it into Mindcuber whit white side on top.
      Program then scan all 9 white squares and then return to “solving” state.

  8. Jonah

    When I built the mindcuber it worked fine but when it started solving it the cube wouldn’t turn all the way which messed it upp because it kept getting stuck… what’s going on?????

    1. Foton

      Tought Rubic cube. Try silicon spray on it. It had to move smoothly, very smoothly.
      I sometimes have to add “helping hand” to finish turn when presenting MindCuber.

  9. charlie

    Is there an NXT-G file for the mind cuber as I have not got the software to open the NXC file an don’t know where to get the software for mac OS X. If you could give me a link or something I would really appreciate it.


    1. Mauricio

      Hello, Where can i get the building instructions and program Segway, but using a gyroscopic sensor?. I am very interesting in the programing algoritms or flow diagrame.
      Thanks a lot for any suggestions.

  10. Brakespear`

    How do you get the stonehenge sorter to work, as it appears to be a load of custom blocks, which appear broken when I load the program and remain broken even when I open them from the file.

  11. the NeXT adict 1324

    hey um i just built the tripod and try to program it/ download but cant seem to and if you know any website that has the instruction that lets you program the tripod thanks

  12. liamparkin

    hi Laurens im new to mindstorms i got it for Christmas i built the pinball game despite the extra 6 axle i try to download the program into my nxt but it kept wouldn’t work so i went of and did a simple move on the program and downloaded it so im a bit confused

  13. RoBards

    I have LEGO’s MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 8547 FW 1.31, AVR 1.01, BC4 1.01.

    I built 9# MindCuber.

    When I run the program the NXT shows “Remove cube …” whether there is a cube present or not.

    With no cube present at start of program, NXT shows” Remove cube …”.

    If I depress the orange button, displays shows “Calibrate white’ in addition to “Remove cube …”.

    I have tested the ultrasonic sensor in View. The ultrasonic sensor seems to be working properly.

    Minimum achievable distance is 4cm or approximately 2In.

    Any suggestions?

  14. james

    I built the mindcuber the scanning works fine but it the rubix cube gets jammed. It does not complete the cube its really annoying can someone please help me.

    1. ryzqnsbq

      do you have the file or nothing at all if you have the zipfile go in to it and copy MindCuber.rxe then go to your program file and paste it in there next go to your lego nxt icon plug in your robot connect it then go to memory in the top of the connection icon and click download and go to your programing file and click MindCuber.rxe and your ready to go just to tell you sometimes peps get afended when i send them this when they dont know who i am my name is ryan and im ten

  15. MindCuber Problem


    I have a problem

    MindCuber my scans and then the screen is written:

    Scaning error.

    I’ve tried to calibrate but the same.


    sorry for my English

  16. Stefan

    I have my mindcuber built and the program is on it but when it runs it always says there is a problem with on of the faces and it never works.
    help me.

  17. Lama-mantis

    I have a problem:
    i cant open the files.
    Can I also download .rbt files or find program instructions? I hope you can help me!
    P.S. I have two books of you: the Discovery Book and the Unofficial LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 Inventor’s guide. ( i know, you dont have write the second book, but you are the builder of the robots)

    1. Lama-mantis

      ( I cant open the files because i dont have WinZip on my new computer)
      (My english is not the best, as you see, because, look like you, laurens, im from the netherlands. If you want, please give answer in dutch, so i dont must put all your text in google translate)
      Hopefull you can give answer for my problem!

    2. Ricky zamora

      You speak very good for a Hollander. If you are using windows, go to your nxt brick file chart thing and where it says browse, find the program file and download. You must put the file in the chart, not in the programming block layout.

  18. mindcuber try...

    I downloaded the rcx. for the mindcuber program but doesnt work… i have triple checked everything but still doesn’t work. any solutions?

  19. Casper

    i have problems with bonus model 5 i can’t program the robot how can i download him!!!

    ps im a hollander im not very good in inglisch sorry

  20. Casper

    i have problems with bonus model 8 i can’t program the robot how can i download him!!!

    ps im a hollander im not very good in inglisch sorry

  21. Awesome Lego Person

    I had a problem with the snatcher that very time it went to pick something up it would seam to get really tight and the arm wouldn’t move, I built and destroyed it 3 times but the same thing happens? Do you know why?

  22. ayush

    my mindcuber isn’t working it keeps saying scan error and I leave it there and try hundeds of times but it still doesn’t work plz help

  23. Christian

    Bei den Programm MindCuber Funktioniert das programm nicht schade.
    Es erscheint die Meldung die datei konnte nicht geöffnet werde……
    Hoffe sie können helfen

  24. nxt lover

    the lego nxt really is the max but know someone help because I have llamas, Stonehenge, the mindcuber and pinball made ​​and they were not working

    1. Gregory

      Hey Brad,I was checking out these fly finhisg reels also on ebay and you can get a great deal on them there. I saw a Abel super 11 would cost you at least $400 to $500 brand new. I found one on ebay for under $100. Of course it was used. But you gave Dee some good advice about finding a cheap one before she dove in with a brand new one. I have fly fished for about a year. My first love is deep sea finhisg and I always have a abu garcia in my hand. Nice blog and great info I will be back.take care~Tee

  25. andreas

    i love stone hedge. i also really like the discovery book and inventors guide 2.0.and also i am only 9 and i have built all of the discovery book robots and i just started the inventors guide.

  26. Duane Adrian

    Does any one know if you can use a PALM PILOT for a remote for the LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0?

    Any help is appreciated..

  27. Garrett

    Is there any building instructions for a Lego mindstorms nxt 2.0 claw like the 1.0 version? if there is i would like to know and i would also like to have the building instructions.


  28. Garrett

    I have been lately interested in getting a Lego mindstorms rcx but i cant find a place to buy them. i don’t want them from amazon and i don’t want them from eBay.

  29. CoughCough

    The program for LottoBot doesn’t work. I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the internet. I built it over the course of 5 hours and I don’t want that work to be wasted.

      1. Garrett

        I have already tried making my own programm but it seems too complecated because theres little programm ideas after the building istructions. They dont make any sense!

  30. Forrest


    1. Duane Adrian

      First of all, try pulling out the batteries and see if that will reset the brick.
      If that doesn’t work, you will notice a little button inside the battery
      compartment. Push it down for 5 seconds. This will create a “soft” reset.
      If these steps don’t work, a “hard” reset will need to be performed. You will
      need to reinstall firmware
      when you are finished.
      Unplug the USB cord from the computer.
      Looking at the face of the NXT, iden
      tify the top right corner, easy to
      spot because it has the USB connection there.
      Keep focusing on that corner as you roll the NXT over to look at its
      back side, where you should now s
      ee some peg holes (three, a space,
      and then three more; matching on
      es on the opposite end of the
      battery compartment)
      You want to carefully look into the corner-
      peg hole near the USB cord plug-in and you
      will find that deep in it, there is a button.
      Holding this button in for a few seconds with
      something like a paperclip, will put the NXT
      into Samba Mode, which is a dead screen
      and a quiet ticking noise will begin.
      Now you can plug in the USB cord to your
      computer and download the firmware back
      onto it using the instructions below.
      Your NXT should be operational again. All the programs will more than likely be erased. Click the below link to see visual.


      1. Mindstorm's Fan

        Hi, Mr. Laurens! I can’t open the programs for Stonehenge, Tripod, The Mindcuber, AND the Lottobot. Could you help me? My level of programming is not adequate for creating my own programs. When I try to open them, all my electronic devices said Internal Server Error. I would appreciate your help. Thank you! I Hope I did Not seem rude when I said Mr. Laurens.^^ Actually, I am a big fan of yours.^^

  31. RobLars2302

    When did you want to add the program for Lotto Bot? it isnt nice to know that you can build Lotto Bot, ´but not download the program :/

  32. SoSo

    How do I build a Silly-Walking-Machine? I looked evrywhere in the Internet but i didn´t find something. If you find a interdoction pleaze send it in this Chat that would be very helpfull and nice!!! Thanks bb :)!!!

  33. guichard

    hi I vien to obtain best a box of lego mindstorm 2.0 but I can not download the program for mindcuber.je can have a picture of the program on Facebook

  34. Daniel

    The Tripod doesn’t really work… The right Front leg just goes out 180 degrees instead, and the robot falls. What can I do?

  35. Mindstorm's Fan

    Hi, Mr. Laurens! I can’t open the programs for Stonehenge, Tripod, The Mindcuber, AND the Lottobot. Could you help me? My level of programming is not adequate for creating my own programs. When I try to open them, all my electronic devices said Internal Server Error. I would appreciate your help. Thank you!

      1. LEGO seems to have removed most of the NXT 2.0 content when they updated their EV3 page recently.

        I don’t think I have all the programs. I will try to contact the respective designers and ask if I can upload the programs here.

        This may take a while though 🙂

        1. Mindstorm's Fan

          Thank you!^^ By the way, I read and completely exhausted your extremely helpful book, the Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 discovery book, and loved it! So, thank you again!

  36. RobLars2302

    huh? why all the building instructions don´t work?
    can you please fux this, or has this site to be close lego doesn´t want to give Information about nxt 2.0? that isn´t nice -.-

  37. Mindstorm's Fan

    Please, Mr. Laurens, would you please help me find programs that work for the mindcuber, Stonehenge, Tripod, NXT Pinball, and the Lottobot. I am looking for more robots to build that have programming examples, especially after reading and building all the awesome robots in your extremely useful book, the NXT discovery book. please repl!

  38. Abdon

    Hello, My kid, 11 years old, is interested in finding the executable NXT2.0 program with extension .rbt for assembling the Rubik cube. Please, someone help us to find such a program?
    Abdon (I live in Mexico)

    1. Garrett Young

      Hello, to get this program, you just need to do the following:

      1.) click the hypertext “Program” on the mindcuber project#9 above the comments.
      2.) make sure you’re using google chrome browser and it should show that it is being downloaded.
      3.) click the arrow for a list of options next to the download at the bottom of your monitor. select show in folder. it should be in the downloaded files.
      4.) open your lego mindstorms nxt 2.0 programming interface
      5.)create a new program
      6.) click on the NXT window in the bottom right corner
      7.)select your nxt it should be connected to your computer
      8.)select the memory tab in the nxt window
      9.)click download
      10.) locate your folder that contains the program(zip file that you downloaded)its should be in your downloads folder
      11.)then select it and click download
      12.) Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Krishna

    Hey Mr. Laurens!
    Could you please tell me why the pinball program is not downloading to my nxt? I am using a mac running el capitan and am using the ev3 software to upload to brick. Should i use txt software?


  40. SparklyGemInc

    Hi. I just built M.O.R.P.H. But when I try to download the program onto the NXT brick, it loads a bit, then says in a popup: “Error: The program is missing. It may be missing required files.” I did notice that when I click on the My Blocks in the program, they don’t open. So maybe that has something to do with it…

    Does anybody know why this is happening, and/or how I can fix it? Thanks in advanced.

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