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  1. Matthew Bernhardt

    Thank you for this project! It was a great learning experience, and one that allowed me to try a few modifications on a familiar base model (making tweaks to legged robots is something I find more daunting).

  2. Taylor


    I am having a problem with the programming. when I test the wall avoidance all the jeep does is drive in a tight counter-clockwise circle. Any suggestions?

  3. Taylor

    I am also having a problem with the line follower program.
    The jeep finds the line and acts like it is following it, but the jeep does not drive forward. I have checked all of the program for errors and cannot find any.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Tim

      I also had problems with the line follow program. I checked my programming several times, looked fine. However, when run, the jeep completes the center reset, pauses, then turns all the way to the right. It never moves forward. Did you get an answer?

  4. Cheri Wong

    The programing isn’t working for me either. I’ve checked it over and over. I’ve had many problems with the nxt software being very glitchy.:(

  5. Sam

    I just finished building and programming the jeep after 3 hours. The jeep isn’t moving forward when I run the wall-avoidance program. It only runs the center reset my block and does nothing. I checked through everything and it still doesn’t work. It is a really great project and I need help.

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