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      1. the NeXT designer

        OK, if you say so.:) Hey how come you haven’t posted an article about another one of your walking robots: Robodog?

  1. Zapperier

    I’ve got the book, built the robot, and made the Synchronize my block but I couldn’t find the last block it shows in the Walk my block.

    1. That block is the block that you’ve made yourself. You can find it among your My Blocks. I think My Blocks are described in the first half of the book. That will show you where to find them. (Use the index to find the right page.)

  2. RobotFan

    Hello Laurens
    I have built your Lizard,but the tail doesn’t move.I’ve already built it again but now it’s not better. Do you have an idea what’s wrong?

    1. Ok, so the tail doesn’t move, but does it walk? If you can send me an email (see about/contact page) with a picture of the underside of the robot, I’ll have a look.

  3. RobotFan

    Thank you.But know I have found what was wrong.Can you tell me how your job is called? Because I am only 15 years old and I want to study “robotbuilding” ! :d

  4. Jen Brown

    I ordered the book through nook. THe pics are so small my son has a hard time seeing them. Can you send me the directions only in pdf format? I can send proof of my purchase if you would like.

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