A Special Message…

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  1. NeXT-Generation says:

    It’s a simple substitution cipher. Decoded:

    [Solution Removed]

  2. BManCan says:

    Cool message, took me a bit to figure out the Ynin Erk

    Ynin Erk = Zojo Fsl

    Hvobyg Zoifsbg

  3. Luke says:

    I don’t get it…

  4. Luke says:

    I know how to do a substitution, but not how many places to substitute

  5. Jochem says:

    I don’t understand it

  6. BManCan says:

    Is Lava Rex going to be one of the release models included with the EV3 kit?

  7. mindstorms fan says:

    on the screen it says:

    L. Valk
    (c) 2012

    whas that the right answer?

    • NeXT-Generation says:

      Seems too obvious to me. Of course he would know about it before the official announcement.

  8. mindstorms fan says:

    Laurens, when are you going to say the right answer?

  9. bahadir says:


    I will buy this book for only printer project but I want to ask some questions.

    – I have got NXT 1.0. Is program works? (I have got NXT 2.0 software too.)
    – Is program NXT G code else what?
    – Are the same the paperback and kindle (or pdf) version?


    • Laurens says:

      Yes – the NXT brick is the same, so programs will work.

      The programming language is NXT-G indeed.

      Paperback and digital versions of the book are the same indeed. The layout on a Kindle is a bit different because the screen is smaller. The PDF is 100% the same as the paperback.

  10. Horia says:

    Hello! Can’t wait! Did you hear ? The world of Lava Rex will rocks again, soon!
    Nice job!
    You can edit this comment as you wish :). Anyway, thanks for your work to write the books!

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