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This post is a test to see if I can make a proper blog post from my mobile device. I’m including a picture as well, made with said device.

Since you’re reading this, I’ll give you a sneak peak of my current project. I’m working on an updated version of my Segway RobotC driver, which should add support for the Mindsensors IMU.

If this works well, it might help increase the number of posts a little. Okay – published!

[Update (From PC)] The code for the Mindsensors IMU is [online].

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  1. GFerr

    Just to say we can read your post.
    Congratulations with your first mobile post.
    Mindsensors IMU is an excellent piece that, if it works well, replace some sensors … and occupies very little space.
    I am awaiting news of the project.

    1. Great, now I can test comments, too 🙂

      I have been having some issues with this sensor up to now, but it should be possible to make the Segway work with the MSIMU.

      Mindsensors is still improving the sensor with firmware updates. The good thing is that you can update the sensor yourself, so that it does not get old.

        1. demarco

          I love to hear that. Im new to NXT (some months) and just bought the Mindsensor Absolute IMU (acel, gyro n compass). I have been trying to read as much as i can to be able to put a segway standing up , but my experience is not helping, so i would be most interested in your following posts.
          thanks for the good support to the scene.

          1. Javier

            I’ve tested the segway with Mindsensors absolute IME executing the samples programs (Segway-NoAction.c,Segway-Wall-Avoidance.c) and I’m unable to the segway become stable, always stays running fordward 2 seconds and then the program stop running.
            Possible problems:
            – Firmware?, my sensor is V1.12 with date Nov 30 2012
            – Bad calibration of sensor? Is very sensible the PID controller with this?
            – Code error? I’m debugging the samples

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