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The experiment is now over.

I blogged about a new WiFi sensor earlier. So what do you do with a Wifi sensor? The cool thing about the internet is that you can involve anyone with a computer that has internet access. So that’s where you come in. You can control my robot. From your the comfort of your chair, whether you’re in Alaska, Madagascar or cruising the ISS.

Check it out here. Credits for the original idea go to Xander Soldaat, who made a similar set up with his NXT.

The controls are very straight forward. Keep in mind, though, that there’s some lag between your control and the response you see. Also, if a lot of people try to control Alpha Rex at the same time, only one person is lucky to see his commands being obeyed. Just be patient. There’s a field for a text message that will appear on the NXT screen.

It’s hard to see from the webcam, but I will occasionally read what’s being said if I’m around. I’d love to see where you’re from, so perhaps just put your country in the text field.

This will run for a limited time only, so try now or never…

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