Tutorial: Hopper

NXT Hopper

This little jumping robot jumps around on one foot with the help of a walking frame. Youtube viewers collectively suggested it reminded them of an old lady (I can’t blame them). To get a good idea of how it works, just have a look at the video, which is quite self-explanatory. If you have the NXT 1.0 kit, you’ll have all the pieces required to build this robot. Check out the building and programming steps below.


  • One NXT 1.0 set (8527)


Follow the building instruction steps by clicking the picture below.

Click to go to the instructions


Click to download the NXT-G Program for the Hopper. Download and run!

More pictures:

The Hopper walks by sequentially raising and lowering the walking frame. With the frame down, the foot can rotate.


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  1. Mark Kelly

    Hi Laurens and Merry Christmas:

    Thanks for the great instructions and an easy build. I am having a program issue though. When obstruction is noted, the walker does come down and the central leg pivots. But the walker does not stay in the down position and therefore the entire robot pivots. When it starts out angain the central leg is not properly aligned.

    I used your direct down load for the program,


    Mark Kelly

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