Self Parking Car

Self Parking Car from 'NXT One-Kit Wonders'

These days, we can’t imagine life without cars; in fact, we use them every day and never give them a second thought. Just the same, learning to drive requires a lot of instruction and practice, which might make you wish for a car that parks itself. Some luxury cars today actually have special sensors that enable them to do this.

The Self-Parking Car is such a vehicle. Using an Ultrasonic Sensor, it measures the distances between the car and other objects and also measures to make sure the parking space is wide enough.

In chapter 8 of LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT One-Kit Wonders, you’ll learn how to build this robotic car that drives and steers like a real front-wheel drive car. Then you’ll learn how to program it to park itself in response to your voice (or a clap of your hands).

Building and programming instructions are in the book, but you can also download the program here.


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      1. Mickael

        , multiple funtniocs (or interpretations) of limited sensors.> I’m curious as to how you got LNE to> feel for dropoffs… how did it know when> to feel for them? Or did you get it to> constantly feel for them?If you can’t see the ground, you have to constantly feel with your foot. Yes, that makes it slower – but it works. Another way is to have LNE run forward while raised slightly up on the flipper treads. If one of these runs off an edge, the angle of the robot will change, which can be sensed with the accelerometer. Neither of these is as fast or safe as having a continuous dedicated edge sensor… but then again, you make do with what you have. In fact, LNE has never maxed out the sensors – it used the US sensor, the accelerometer, and sometimes the compass, but I never bother with a fourth… and it could do a lot.

  1. adil

    hello sir
    iam student master degree in radio electronic i need to craet some program
    in this softwore mindstroms nxt car self parcking with help open cv if you have some idea or program to help me in my project you can send it to my gmail
    best regard………..thanx

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