Tutorial: Robo Dog

Robodog, featuring the black NXT Brick

This little dog was developed in November 2007. It walks around while wagging its tail and while looking for humans or objects in its way. You can build it if you have the NXT 1.0 set and three extra gears (details below). Building instructions and the program are available for download.

This is a picture of a redesigned dog with black pieces, featuring the black NXT brick (2009). Note that only the color is different. Other than than, it is identical to any other NXT brick. So go ahead and jump to the instructions below!


  • One NXT 1.0 set (8527)
  • 4 Big 40-teeth gears:

    You need 4 of these.


Follow the building instruction steps by clicking the picture below. Pay special attention to the last few steps, which show how the legs should always be positioned before you start the program. That’s important, or your robot may not walk.

Click to download building instructions


Click to download the NXT-G Program for RoboDog. Download and run!

More pictures:


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