Robotic Arm #3

Robotic Arm #3

This robotic crane was my first robot arm that was actually quite functional. It could move anywhere on its treads, and the arm had several degrees of freedom, including a wrist that turns. Orginally, I designed this with the RCX (that’s why there are no NXT motors on board), which controlled Power Function receivers with its IR transmitter. Later on I switched to the NXT, which in turn controlled the on board Power Functions with a Mindsensors PF Mate. A pneumatic compressor and a switch are located on the underside of the arm. They manipulate the robot’s claws.

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  1. NeXT-Generation says:

    Hello, Laurens.

    I was wondering which programming language you used with the RCX version of this. Also, do you still have the code? I want to control PF with RCX, but I’m at a loss of how to start.

  2. Lama-mantis says:

    The big brother of the Snatcher!

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